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What is an event page?

An event page is the overview page for a single tour, lesson, experience, etc which contains all reservations for the relative event.

What is a booking card?

A booking card refers to a single individual or party's booking record on the event page.

How can I edit a single event's details?

Click here to access instructions on how to edit a single event, as opposed to all events in a timeslot.

How do I assign a guide (staff member) to an event?

To assign a staff member to an event, click on an event and enter a staff member's name next to "Guides". For more information, click here.

What happens to existing bookings if I cancel an event?

If you cancel an event, all existing bookings contained within the relative event will be refunded. Please make sure to reschedule any bookings that clients are still interested in before proceeding with an event cancellation.

How do I cancel an event?

If you would like to cancel an event, click an event on the Home calendar and click the "Cancel" button.

Can I print a roster for an entire day instead of an event?

Yes you can. If you would like to print a daily roster instead of a single event's roster, use the Daily Dashboard View to access a given date. Then, click the Print Roster button.



Can I add bookings to dates in the past?

Yes you can. Although a client will be unable to add a booking to a past event via your website, you can always add bookings to past events on the back-end.

Is it possible to accept a booking now but collect payment later?

Yes. If you would like to help a client secure a reservation without having to pay at registration, select the "Pay Later" payment option when adding a booking on the back-end.

Can I add a booking without sending a confirmation email?

Yes. You can add a booking without sending a booking confirmation/receipt to a client by unchecking the "Send confirmation email to client" box on the back-end booking window.

Can I add a booking without entering contact details?

Yes. Although we highly recommend collecting at least one means of contacting a client, the only required contact field is a an individual client or party leader's name. You can skip the telephone and email fields should you prefer not to enter them.

Does my booking cut-off time(s) apply to back-end reservations?

No they do not. As an administrator, you can add a booking to any event regardless of a booking deadline.

How can I reschedule an existing reservation?

To reschedule an existing booking, click the "Move" button on a client's booking card on the relative event page. For more information, click here .

How do I cancel a booking?

If your client is expecting a refund, access his or her booking card on a relative event page and click the "Refund" button. Click here for more information. If your client does not require a refund, leave a note on his/her booking card (E.g. Cancelled) and adjust the event's occupancy if need be. Click here if you need help with adjusting an event's occupancy.

How can I look up an existing booking?

The fastest way to look up a booking is by using the "Clients" tab on the left-hand navigation bar. Use the search field to find clients by name or booking reference number.



How can I track individual transaction records?

To view all of your transaction records, access the Metrics section on the left-hand navigation bar. Click here for more information

Can I import my transactions into QuickBooks?

Yes. Use the date filter to download a range of transaction records in CSV format. Then, upload the CSV into QuickBooks.

How do I track transfers to my bank account?

To track the batched transfers into your bank account, access Metrics > Transfers. If you have any questions regarding transfers into your account, please contact support@adventurebucketlist.com.

Does ABL provide custom reporting and metrics?

If you would like to request detailed reports or data sets, please contact support@adventurebucketlist.com. If you are an Enterprise subscriber, please access Metrics > Advanced to view statements and forecasts.


Daily Dashboard View

When should I use the Daily Dashboard View?

Using the Daily Dashboard View is recommended for businesses who regularly operate more than ten events/day. It is recommended that any administrators experiencing slow load times on the Monthly View uses this alternative calendar. Click here for more information.

How do I access the Daily Dashboard View?

To access the Daily Dashboard View, click "Show Daily Dashboard View" on the Home tab underneath the Welcome message.

How can I change the color schema on Daily Dashboard View events?

You can change the color labels on events in the Daily Dashboard View by editing the General tab in an activity's profile. Click here for more information on how to edit an activity.

How can I access other dates on the Daily Dashboard View?

To access different dates on the Daily Dashboard View you can either use the bracket (<<, <, >, >>) buttons to jump single days and months or you can click the current date to select a date on a calendar.