How to Find & Edit Events

Once you create a timeslot, bookable slots will appear on the Home calendar.
We call these individual slots: Events

As you might have already figured out, the simplest way of observing an event is by clicking on it via the Home Calendar

1. Go to the Home screen

2. Click an event on the Calendar or click the Find Event button

3. If you are using the Find Event button, select an activity and corresponding event to view

4. Once you are on the Event Page, click the pencil icon next to the event name to change the title, description or occupancy of the designated event

5. Click Save to register any changes


***If you want to change the pricing of a particular activity, please edit the timeslot that the event is contained within. You can do this by going to Timeslots and clicking the blue pencil icon (Edit button) next to the corresponding activity.