Set Your Booking Cut-off Time

Since some offerings take longer to prepare for than others, the Agenda platform allows you to designate how late a client can make an online reservation for each or all of your offerings

1. Go to My Account > Online Booking

2. Under Booking Deadline, select which type of cut-off time to apply



3a. Select "All activities have the same cut-off time"

4a. Select a cut-off time by using the drop-down menu

5a. Click Save



3b. Select "Every activity has a separate cut-off time"

4b. Click Save

5b. Go to Activities

6b. Click the blue pencil icon to edit a specific activity or click Add Activity to create a new offering

7b. Select a cut-off time by using the drop-down menu under Do Not Allow Bookings Within This Many Hours

8b. Click Save when you are finished


***The cut-off time only applies to reservations made through your company website. You will always be able to add back-end bookings at your own discretion