FAQs (Setup Guide)


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Create An Account

How do I sign up?

To create an account, go to https://dashboard.adventurebucketlist.com/#/register

Why is my account not active?

Please give us up to 24 hours to activate your account after purchasing a subscription plan. If your account has not been activated after 24 hours, please contact support@adventurebucketlist.com

Why have I not received an email verification link?

If you did not receive an email verification link after creating an account, please contact support@adventurebucketlist.com

How can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, please click this link to reset it.

How can I sign up for Dashboard Training Session?

Please contact info@adventurebucketlist.com if you would like to sign up for a Dashboard Training Session. Both private and group sessions are available.

Will I need a Stripe Account to process payments?

No, you will not be required to create a seperate Stripe account. For more information on how to setup payments, click here

Can I connect my own payment processor to Agenda?

Yes you can however this feature is only available for Enterprise Plan subscribers. Please contact sales@adventurebucketlist.com for a quick quote on integrating a custom payment gateway.


My Profile

Can I change the email address to which my booking confirmations are sent?

If you would like your booking confirmations to be sent to a different email address, please send the request to support@adventurebucketlist.com

How are my contact details used in Agenda?

The information entered into My Account > Profile will be used to create a contact field at the bottom of automated booking confirmations sent to clients.

How can I add social media buttons to booking confirmations?

To add social media links to automated booking confirmation emails sent to clients, simply enter the links in My Account > Profile.



How do I setup group pricing?

To setup group pricing, access My Account > Pricing and enter the following pricing level into the pricing bank: “Group Price (x min)” (where x represents your minimum requirement for group price eligibility)

What is a pricing level?

A pricing level (a.k.a. a pricing category) is a price option available to clients who book your offerings. For example, if you offer a general, student and senior price, then your pricing levels are: General, Student and Senior.

Do I assign prices in My Account > Pricing?

No, you do not. Only enter your pricing levels into My Account > Pricing. You will assign as well as attribute prices in a later step upon creating a schedule. For more information, click here



Can I use Agenda without activating payments?

Yes. You are not required to activate payments in order to use Agenda, although it is highly recommended. Please note that Payments must be activated to receive front-end bookings (via the customer widget) and accept credit card payments.

Can I accept payments in different currencies?

Yes, you can accept payments from your customers in 90 different currencies. We will automatically convert the money into either USD, CAD or the currency attributed to your bank account.

Which countries are currently supported?

To view the list of countries we currently support, please click here. We unfortunately do not support online payments for countries that are not on this list.

How soon can I begin accepting payments after connecting my bank account?

You will be able to accept online payments as soon as your bank account is verified. Our verification process is instantaneous.

How often will funds be deposited into my bank account?

Tango plan subscribers will receive funds on a 7 day rolling basis. Foxtrot & Enterprise plan subscribers will receive funds on a 24 hour rolling basis (US only). For more information, please contact support@adventurebucketlist.com

How can I view transaction records and revenue?

All information relating to cash flow and revenue can be found in the Metrics section. Please click here for more information


Online Booking

How can I preview the booking window for my customers?

You can preview your booking windows my accessing the "Get Code" section, located on the left-hand navigation bar. Select which activity's booking window you would like to preview using the dropdown menu and click its "Book now" button to view it.

How can I change the color scheme of booking window(s)?

You can change the color scheme of your customer booking window by accessing My Account > Online Booking. Click here for more information

How can I set a cut-off time for online bookings?

You can set booking deadlines by accessing My Account > Online Booking. Please click here for more information


Discounts & Third-Party Bookings

Can I accept third-party bookings?

Yes, you can accept third-party bookings by creating discount codes for your affiliate partners. Access My Account > Coupons to create a discount code. Once your agent has a code, he or she will be able to add bookings using the given coupon.

How can I track third-party bookings?

You can track third-party bookings by tracking coupon use in My Account > Coupons and by downloading transaction records in the Metrics section. For more information, click here. Please feel free to contact us at support@adventurebucketlist.com if you have any additional questions.

How can I modify an existing discount code?

You can modify an existing discount code by accessing My Account > Coupons and clicking the blue edit button next to a relative discount code.

How do customers and agents use a discount code?

During the checkout process you will see a button labeled "Add Coupon". Click this button and enter a designated code to secure a discount on the total cost.


Booking Questions

How do I enable booking questions?

You can activate booking questions by accessing My Account > Features. Simply click the box next to "Booking Questions"

How can I add a booking question?

Add all booking questions to your question bank in My Account > Booking Questions. For more information, click here

How do I assign booking questions?

After adding booking questions, you can assign them in the "Activities" tab (left-hand navigation bar). Please click here for more more information.


Create Activity

Do I have to setup booking confirmations to clients?

Booking confirmations are automatically setup when creating an activity. The activity fields entered during activity creation will be used to generate an automated message to clients. To preview a confirmation email, add a sample booking using your own email address.

Can I add PDFs and other forms to booking confirmations?

Yes, you can. To add a waiver, release form, or additional PDF, enter the URL of the hosted form in the Requirements section of an activity profile. For example, enter: "Fill out & bring Waiver Form (x.com/waiver)" where (x.com/waiver) represents the link to your form. Please note that a form must be hosted online in order to associate it to an activity profile and cosequently a confirmation email.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are upselling items you can package with your offerings. Add-ons include but are not limited to: t-shirts, transportation, merchandise, rentals, equipment, meals, etc.

How can I add a service fee to the total cost?

You can add an additional fee by accessing the Charges page in the activity's profile. Add a cost under the "Other Fees" section to capture costs such as: service, fuel surcharge, convenience, and other variable fees.

Where do I enter prices?

Enter the main price/price of participation when you create a schedule in the "Timeslots" section. It is setup this way so that your prices may accommodate seasonality. All other fees and add-ons are configured in the "Activities" section.


Create Timeslot

What is an event?

An event represents a single bookable tour, class, trip, experience, etc. It is a single rectangular slot found on your Home calendar.

What is a timeslot?

A timeslot is a container of two or more events. It is a product of the timeslot scheduling function that helps you replicate an event with similar attributes across a week, month, or year period.

How can I schedule a multi-day offering?

To schedule a multi-day offering, create a one-time event in the Timeslot section. for more information

Why do I enter prices in the Timeslots section?

The Agenda dashboard requires prices to be set during the scheduling process in order to accommodate seasonal demand. This way, businesses can optmize prices during peak reservation periods.