New Updates - April 14

We are very excited to announce the release of multiple new improvements to the AGENDA platform! Below are 7 new awesome updates based off all your feedback: 

  • New language abilities
  • New help centre for tutorials and training
  • New customer list export functionality
  • Mandatory Booking Questions
  • New activity ordering options
  • New ability to publish and unpublish activities
  • From last week, a new TripAdvisor followup email integration

1) We have added French + Spanish language options to all our booking widgets, you can see this in the top right corner of the widgets/pages.

2) A new Help Center bar at top of each page within your back-end AGENDA dashboard. This directs you and your staff to a library of very helpful tutorial videos and tips for using AGENDA. You can check out the help center directly here:

3) Ability to export your client list to a csv on the clients page. This is very helpful if you would like to upload your client list to email-markting services such as MailChimp.

4) Based off all your feedback, booking questions are now mandatory on the booking widget in order for your clients to proceed to checkout. This will make sure you can collect important details from your clients before they arrive!

5) Ability to re-order the activity display on the booking re-direct page. This only affects your activities if you use the booking re-direct page to list all of the activities you have to offer. If you don't use the re-direct option, or if you do not mind what order your activities appear in, this new feature will not affect you.

6) Publishing Activities gives the ability to hide some activities from being able to be booked online (so some activities can be used just as backend offerings and cannot be booked online). Just like feature 5 in this email, this does not affect you unless you use the booking re-direct page on our website.

7) In case you missed it, click the button below to view our last feature update: TripAdvisor follow-up emails. The higher your TripAdvisor ranking, the more likely people are to book with you. To learn more about your TripAdvisor ranking, check out our blog post: How to Get The Best TripAdvisor Ranking.