New Daily View

We are very excited to announce the release of the new home screen for the dashboard called Daily View. The new feature will be released on May 2nd at 11pm PST. Daily View allows you to manage all your bookings through one screen, features include;

  1. See all events for that day, colour coordinated based on bookings. Each event card also includes overall occupancy and guides assigned (if applicable).
  2. Clicking the date allows you to jump forward to any day on your schedule.
  3. The time slider on the top left allows you to sort your day so you can sort events by any time.
  4. The activity filter in the middle of the page will let you sort by activity. Each activity is assigned its own unique colour that you can see on the left of the event card.
  5. Find event button works the same as it did before, allowing you to quickly find a specific event in the future.
  6. Not to worry, we haven't gotten rid of the old calendar, you can view that by clicking show full calendar view on the top left side.
  7. You can view your day with an alternative display by selecting the blue button beside find event, this is ideal for companies with more than 5 events on a given day.