Mobile Booking

New Features:
Mobile Booking, Find Event Button, New Metrics


We are excited to announce that we have launched 3 new improvements:

  1. A new mobile booking experience. When your customers are browsing on their phones, they will be able to complete the entire checkout process within a few seconds.
  2. Improvements with the Find Event Button, colour coordinated views for bookings on the event page.
  3. New transfers section in metrics that gives you a breakdown of each transfer you receive from us.


  • Find Event - This feature gives you the ability to quickly find an event in you calendar. If you want to bring up event detail, add a booking, move a client, refund a client, or cancel an event - you can now do so in seconds.
  • New Customer View On Event Page - Switch between different views of an event's booking details. This lets you see at a glance which bookings are active and paid vs. the ones that have been refunded. It is also perfectly optimized for mobile use.
  • New Metrics Report - This report allows you to see a breakdown of every transfer we send you. It makes it easy to see what bookings came in each transfer and a breakdown of all the credit card fees associated with it. This will be very helpful for accounting.