Customizing the Booking Widget

We have made some great new improvements to our platform to allow for more customization to your booking process. The new feature will be released on May 17th at 11pm PST. Features of this release include;

  1. Choose what information your booking widget displays. By going to My Account in the dashboard and selecting you can select if you want to show everything or you can deactivate what gets displayed, ranging from: Start time, Duration, Availability, Price


  1. Customize your booking cut-off time/deadlines. The default setting is to not allow bookings on the widget within 48hrs of the events start time. This is to ensure there are no bookings that come in without you knowing. However if you would like to customize the cut-off time, you can now do so in the My Account section under online booking. You can select either a deadline for all activities or customize it for each specific one.


  1. Allow for there to be no meeting location. If you run tours that don't have a specific meeting location or it is a pick-up tour. You can now choose to not display a meeting location during the activity creation process.