Coupons, Move Bookings, Cancel Events

New Features:
Coupons, Moving Bookings, Cancelling Events


We are excited to announce the launch of 3 new features that we have been working on over the holidays; Coupons, Move/Transfer Clients, & Cancel Events. More information and video links below:

  • Coupons - This feature gives you the ability to create unique coupon codes that you can send to clients to offer a certain percentage or dollar value off a booking. Coupon codes can be setto be redeemed as many times as you would like. You can set expiration dates on them and track how many of them have been redeemed. This can all be found in the "my account" section by first turning it on in the “features" tab and then a coupon tab will appear.
  • Move/Transfer Customers - This feature allows you to move booked clients to different dates without having to re-enter any of their information. Now you can click the move button on the booking details page and select the new date you want to transfer the client to. You can find this feature on a customers booking card in the event details page, accessed by clicking on a event in the calendar.
  • Cancel An Event - This allows you to cancel a specific timeslot through the calendar, even if it is in the middle of a repeating timeslot. This is helpful if you need to block out a holiday or if you need to cancel a event due to weather or any other circumstance in which the event cannot run. When canceling an event, all booked clients will be refunded. Don’t worry, there is always a warning messages before any client is refunded. If you don't want to refund your clients, you can move them to a new date before canceling the event. This can be found in the event details page by clicking on a event in the calendar.