New Updates - April 14

We are very excited to announce the release of multiple new improvements to the AGENDA platform! Below are 7 new awesome updates based off all your feedback: 

  • New language abilities
  • New help centre for tutorials and training
  • New customer list export functionality
  • Mandatory Booking Questions
  • New activity ordering options
  • New ability to publish and unpublish activities
  • From last week, a new TripAdvisor followup email integration

1) We have added French + Spanish language options to all our booking widgets, you can see this in the top right corner of the widgets/pages.

2) A new Help Center bar at top of each page within your back-end AGENDA dashboard. This directs you and your staff to a library of very helpful tutorial videos and tips for using AGENDA. You can check out the help center directly here:

3) Ability to export your client list to a csv on the clients page. This is very helpful if you would like to upload your client list to email-markting services such as MailChimp.

4) Based off all your feedback, booking questions are now mandatory on the booking widget in order for your clients to proceed to checkout. This will make sure you can collect important details from your clients before they arrive!

5) Ability to re-order the activity display on the booking re-direct page. This only affects your activities if you use the booking re-direct page to list all of the activities you have to offer. If you don't use the re-direct option, or if you do not mind what order your activities appear in, this new feature will not affect you.

6) Publishing Activities gives the ability to hide some activities from being able to be booked online (so some activities can be used just as backend offerings and cannot be booked online). Just like feature 5 in this email, this does not affect you unless you use the booking re-direct page on our website.

7) In case you missed it, click the button below to view our last feature update: TripAdvisor follow-up emails. The higher your TripAdvisor ranking, the more likely people are to book with you. To learn more about your TripAdvisor ranking, check out our blog post: How to Get The Best TripAdvisor Ranking.

New Agenda TripAdvisor Review Integration

Get more reviews with our new TripAdvisor email integration

Now you can send your clients automated follow-up emails after an event ends thanking them and asking them to leave a review.
You can also customize the amount of time after the event ends that you want to send the email!
Here are the steps to activate the new feature:

1. Add your companies trip advisor URL to the profile page within My Account

2. Activate the feature in the Online Bookings tab within My Account. You can preview the email by clicking Preview Email.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.24.58 AM.png

3. Set the amount of time after the event ends that you want the email to be sent to you clients.

That's it!
You're ready to start getting more reviews!

Agenda Upgrades

Adventure Bucket List will be releasing a software update tonight (December 19, 2016) between 10pm - 11pm PST (1am - 2am EST). We will be using this time to improve our systems design, speed and ease of use.

  • Added Logo Upload area to My Profile. This will display in confirmation emails and in your event/daily rosters.
  • Ability to manually enter the number of attendees for a booking on the backend.
  • Ability to activate and deactivate guides.
  • Monthly Calendar saves last month you were on when changing screens.
  • Improved design throughout the platform.
  • New Login process.

Lower Processing Rates $ Updated Terms of Service

Lower Rates = More $$

Studying our current volume and usage of different cards we noticed that less than 1% of all bookings come from American Express. Taking this into consideration, we have been able to drop our Canadian rates from 2.9% + $0.30 to the following:

  • Domestic Cards - 2.25% + $0.30
  • International Cards - 2.7% + $0.30
  • American Express - 3.5% + $0.30

Updating Our Terms of Service

We have made some updates to our terms of service to better reflect the new products and features we've launched. In order to stay competitive and remain one of the most affordable systems on the market, we will be implementing a 3% service fee on bookings made online via our booking widgets. There is no service fee for bookings made through the Agenda back-end.

For more information you can view the updates to the pricing in section 4 of the terms of service here.

New Pay Later Option (Reserved Status)

1) Take Reservations and pay later & accept payments later with the new Pay Later option. This allows you to reserve spots without collecting payment right away. This is helpful if you want to record the booking information but pay when the customer arrives. 

2) Added the ability to upload social media links in the my account section under my profile. These links will be attached to all your booking confirmation and guide assignment emails.

3) New booking confirmation and guide assignment email designs. Email designs now include social media links in the bottom left hand corner.

Customizing the Booking Widget

We have made some great new improvements to our platform to allow for more customization to your booking process. The new feature will be released on May 17th at 11pm PST. Features of this release include;

  1. Choose what information your booking widget displays. By going to My Account in the dashboard and selecting you can select if you want to show everything or you can deactivate what gets displayed, ranging from: Start time, Duration, Availability, Price


  1. Customize your booking cut-off time/deadlines. The default setting is to not allow bookings on the widget within 48hrs of the events start time. This is to ensure there are no bookings that come in without you knowing. However if you would like to customize the cut-off time, you can now do so in the My Account section under online booking. You can select either a deadline for all activities or customize it for each specific one.


  1. Allow for there to be no meeting location. If you run tours that don't have a specific meeting location or it is a pick-up tour. You can now choose to not display a meeting location during the activity creation process.

New Daily View

We are very excited to announce the release of the new home screen for the dashboard called Daily View. The new feature will be released on May 2nd at 11pm PST. Daily View allows you to manage all your bookings through one screen, features include;

  1. See all events for that day, colour coordinated based on bookings. Each event card also includes overall occupancy and guides assigned (if applicable).
  2. Clicking the date allows you to jump forward to any day on your schedule.
  3. The time slider on the top left allows you to sort your day so you can sort events by any time.
  4. The activity filter in the middle of the page will let you sort by activity. Each activity is assigned its own unique colour that you can see on the left of the event card.
  5. Find event button works the same as it did before, allowing you to quickly find a specific event in the future.
  6. Not to worry, we haven't gotten rid of the old calendar, you can view that by clicking show full calendar view on the top left side.
  7. You can view your day with an alternative display by selecting the blue button beside find event, this is ideal for companies with more than 5 events on a given day.

Edit Event Information

New Improvements:
Edit Event, Get Code Text Change, Edit Coupons

We are continuing to work hard to bring you new features and improvements. This week we released 4 great improvements, here they are:

  1. Ability to edit event information such as; event title, event description, and occupancy.
  2. Changed the wording of Online Sales to Get Code.
  3. Ability to edit coupons from a fixed price to a percentage off or vice versa.
  4. Restored booking questions on the customer tabs in the Event Page.
  • Edit Event - This feature allows you to edit specific event information by clicking on the grey pencil beside the event title. You can quickly update event occupancy if you want to increase/decrease the amount of attendees on one specific day, change the event title and descriptions (this shows up on your dashboard calendar, on the widget, and in confirmation emails).
  • Get Code - After listening to your feedback, we realized the name online sales for the area to access your book now button code was causing confusion. So we simply changed the name to Get Code, but everything still acts the same way as before.
  • Edit Coupons - This allows you to edit your coupon and change if you are offering a percentage off or a fixed amount off.
  • Booking Questions on Event Page - The booking questions answered through the booking process will now show up on the customer booking card in the event page. This allows you to quickly view more booking information without having to click on the reference code.

Mobile Booking

New Features:
Mobile Booking, Find Event Button, New Metrics


We are excited to announce that we have launched 3 new improvements:

  1. A new mobile booking experience. When your customers are browsing on their phones, they will be able to complete the entire checkout process within a few seconds.
  2. Improvements with the Find Event Button, colour coordinated views for bookings on the event page.
  3. New transfers section in metrics that gives you a breakdown of each transfer you receive from us.


  • Find Event - This feature gives you the ability to quickly find an event in you calendar. If you want to bring up event detail, add a booking, move a client, refund a client, or cancel an event - you can now do so in seconds.
  • New Customer View On Event Page - Switch between different views of an event's booking details. This lets you see at a glance which bookings are active and paid vs. the ones that have been refunded. It is also perfectly optimized for mobile use.
  • New Metrics Report - This report allows you to see a breakdown of every transfer we send you. It makes it easy to see what bookings came in each transfer and a breakdown of all the credit card fees associated with it. This will be very helpful for accounting.

Coupons, Move Bookings, Cancel Events

New Features:
Coupons, Moving Bookings, Cancelling Events


We are excited to announce the launch of 3 new features that we have been working on over the holidays; Coupons, Move/Transfer Clients, & Cancel Events. More information and video links below:

  • Coupons - This feature gives you the ability to create unique coupon codes that you can send to clients to offer a certain percentage or dollar value off a booking. Coupon codes can be setto be redeemed as many times as you would like. You can set expiration dates on them and track how many of them have been redeemed. This can all be found in the "my account" section by first turning it on in the “features" tab and then a coupon tab will appear.
  • Move/Transfer Customers - This feature allows you to move booked clients to different dates without having to re-enter any of their information. Now you can click the move button on the booking details page and select the new date you want to transfer the client to. You can find this feature on a customers booking card in the event details page, accessed by clicking on a event in the calendar.
  • Cancel An Event - This allows you to cancel a specific timeslot through the calendar, even if it is in the middle of a repeating timeslot. This is helpful if you need to block out a holiday or if you need to cancel a event due to weather or any other circumstance in which the event cannot run. When canceling an event, all booked clients will be refunded. Don’t worry, there is always a warning messages before any client is refunded. If you don't want to refund your clients, you can move them to a new date before canceling the event. This can be found in the event details page by clicking on a event in the calendar.

Booking Questions

New Feature - Booking Questions!


We are very excited to announce our new feature: Custom Booking Questions!

Do you need to ask your clients questions before they arrive for their event (equipment size, experience, allergies)? Or do you need to keep track of agent bookings? Well this can all be done with the new booking questions feature.


Turn Booking Questions on in the Features Tab.

Create a library of questions you want to ask.

Apply the questions to specific activities.