5 Ways To Increase Sales This Winter

If you are a summer operator you are either closed for the year or winding down for a slow next few months. If you are a winter operator, you are gearing up for your busy season and this post will help you on the road to success. Here are five things you can do to increase your sales in your slow season and stay ahead of your competition all year round:

1) Have your 2017 inventory live on your website.

Driving customers to your websites is useless if they are not able to complete a booking when they get there. Make sure your 2017 inventory and Timeslots are up to date. Even if you are shut down for the winter, Agenda's automated confirmation emails will give your customers peace of mind knowing that you received their payment and their booking is confirmed. Using a booking system like Agenda can increase your conversions of website visitors turning into paying customers by 20%-50%. And that is awesome. 


 2) Improve your TripAdvisor ranking with more reviews. 

Email past customers encouraging them to leave a positive review on TripAdvisor. MailChimp offers beautifully designed email templates for email marketing free of charge. Want to keep it simple? Sending regular emails is just fine! No matter what your method you use, remember to include links to your business profile page. 

Here is an example of an email you can send today: 

Hi there! 

We loved having you on our tour this year. If you enjoyed it as much as we did, we would be honored if you would leave us a positive review on TripAdvisor. 

Just click this link to visit our business profile: Insert business profile link here.

Thank you so much for taking the time! We hope to see you again next year.



3) Stay front of mind with clients - Keep a strong social media presence.

Just because your bookings are slowing down it doesn’t mean that your social media activity has to. Post photos from this past year, post industry related articles or share personal messages with your customers twice per week. Websites like Hootsuite.com allow you to arrange future social media posts and set a timer for each one. Spend a couple of hours setting this post calendar up today and let it do the rest of the work for you. 


4) Offer a pre-season promotion

Holiday offers or discounts during your slow season are a great incentive to customers to book with you. Offering something as small as a 10% discount can go a long way. Agendas Coupon feature allows you to create discount codes for either a dollar amount or a fixed percentage. You can control the expiration dates as well as the number of redemptions allowed per discount code. 

Try this: 
Create a coupon code with 50 redemptions. Email past clients and post on social media that you are offering a 10% discount to the first 50 people who book from x date to x date. This creates a sense of urgency for customers to book. 


5) Target Locals.  

When tourism season slows down it's time to build up your customer base with the locals. They are around all year and can be encouraged to rebook with the offers of punch passes, or holiday gift certificates. Facebook allows you to easily advertise to a specific target audience based on geography, age, interests and more. Click here to read our blog post on Creating Effective Facebook Ads. 


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Thanks for reading! 

- The Adventure Bucket List Team