How to Please a Canadian

    Canadian tour operators will be catering to many of their own this year, as more and more Canadians plan to travel domestically this summer season.  Trips south of the border have become less attractive due to the soaring American dollar. Whether you are seasoned tour operator or just thinking of getting into the industry, it is important to understand what kinds of experiences your customer are looking for so that you can tailor your offerings and properly market your business to them. Travellers from around the globe can be broken down into multiple demographic groups based on personality and interests. There are 3 main groups which Canadians fit into best: Free Spirits, Cultural Explorers, and Authentic Experiencers. We are going to give you the breakdown of exactly who fits into these subgroups and how to make them your customer. 

Rafting in Banff National Park 

Free Spirits

Women: 54%  - Men: 46%

49% are between the ages of: 18-34

Free Spirit travellers love luxury, fine dining and exploring tourist hot spots. Their ideal vacation is 8-10 days and filled with trips to the beach, fine dinning with local food and exciting night life.  Out of the top 3 Canadian demographics, these young bucks have the highest level of trust in brands and big business advertisements. If you want to attract Free Spirit travellers to your business, we suggest budgeting some of your marketing dollars towards advertising on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

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Cultural Explorers:  

Women: 66% - Men: 34%

47% are between the ages 35-54

Lovers of a long- haul vacations, Cultural Explorers like taking several days to fully immerse themselves in a new culture or setting. Scoring the highest out of all other Canadian traveller types, a large 81% of these adventurers choose whale watching and wildlife tours as their favourite travel activity. Unlike Free Spirits, this demographic places a very low importance on advertisements as a form of vacation planning. The best way to reach them is through word of mouth and personal recommendations. Creating relationships with hotel concierge staff is a great way to spread the word about your tour business. Make sure your TripAdvisor account is up to date incase they decide to look you up after hearing about your tours. 

Authentic Experiencers:

Women: 49% - Men: 51%

51% are over the age of 55.

The oldest demographic, mostly over the age of 55 is the Authentic Experiencers.  They want the chance to connect with locals in meaningful ways when they travel and want to be surrounded by nature and culture.  A trip to admire architecture, paired with wildlife viewing in a national park is exactly what they are looking for. Out of the three Canadian travel types, they are the most old-school and the most likely to look to a newspaper or local guidebooks for things to do.  If you offer tours based around culture, art and sightseeing, this is a great audience to market to.

Learning about the traditions of totem carving in Haida Gwaii  

Learning about the traditions of totem carving in Haida Gwaii  


What do all three have in common?

1.) They all benefit from a clear call to action.

Having a clear call to action means that it is obvious what steps travellers need to take to book with you. Make sure that all of your social media accounts link to your website and that all of your tour offerings and inventory are up to date.

2.)  The internet is their top method of trip planning.

In fact, 70% of global travellers prefer to book online.  If a traveller needs to make the extra effort to pick up the phone, or write you an email to make a reservation, that means taking extra time out of their day and increases the risk of drop-offs. If you do not have a modern, mobile responsive website with online booking, chances are that they will move to the next competitor who does. So make sure your website is up to date with the latest trends like mobile compatibility and real-time reservations. 

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All of the statistics within this article are taken directly from the official website of Tourism Canada #KeepExploring